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    Bad Intel Core Cpu performance


      Hi i have a problem with my intel core i7 processor. The problem is that after a months use, something happens, and it gets really slow. I have done some benchmarks and the details say that the maximum turbo clock speed is at 1.2ghz!? Now, i have asked on other forums and found out that turning speedstep off fixes the issue. But a 3 month old processor should work properly shouldnt it? So i came here to ask for any help trying to fix it properly once and for all   Another thought that popped into my head was if there is something wrong with the processor, if it actually delivers the performance it should, and if not, if the warranty covers it? I have searched on the internet but cant seem to find a baseclock benchmarking score for this cpu. So i have nothing to compare it with....

      I have reinstalled windows 2 or 3 times now, it seems like it fixes the "1.2ghz boost clock" issue, but it still comes back after 3-4 weeks of use! The performance drop is really noticeable in some games, and in benchmarking results.


      I have a intel core i7 4820k, with a Asus rampage iv black edition motherboard, XFX 850W pro edition powersupply and a cooler master nepton 280L watercooler for the cpu.


      Any help or any ideas are appreciated!

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          Hi ullert, it is unusual to get such a low clock speed; here are my recommendations:

          • Reset BIOS settings to default. Disabling Intel® SpeedStep™ will also disable Intel® Turbo Boost.
          • Update the BIOS.
          • Verify the fan and heatsink integration and observe for proper thermal readings. Replace the thermal compound if needed.
          • Get a clock speed reading from BIOS. Third party programs may give incorrect readings.
          • Run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool. http://www.intel.com/support/processors/sb/CS-031726.htm
          • If the issue does not occur as soon as you complete a fresh installation of the operating system it may be caused by software or settings somehow.
          • Test the processor in a different motherboard if possible.