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    X520 pxe enable without OS


      I am trying to enable a intel x520 10 Gb adapter to pxe boot.  Its a PCI add on card.  this is a bare bone systems that will be installed via PXE from the intel x520 card.  the system has no OS.  Has anyone encounter this issue before.  the instructions all point to and OS installed and runnning the utility,  The problem is it doesnt work with esxi5.0 and I tried with a boot iso which didnt work.  any thoughts

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          Have you configured the BIOS setup on this machine so that the PXE boot is enabled and the network port is setup as the primary boot device? These settings are different from manufacturer to manufacturer, so you may want to consult the motherboard users guide / manual.


          Has the host server been setup with DHCP and other necessary services, plus the loading of preboot OS images for use?