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    No POST, No Nutt'n ?


      On a perfectly "well" DH87MC system, I upgraded the mSATA to a Windows/boot ready 256G ssd.  That's it, no other changes. Then;

      1)Power back up,

      2)A few flashes of BIOS text(nothing complete)

      3)And that's it.

      4)Teach me, I guess


      Things I've tried:

      a)Disconnect all external and Internal connections from/to MoBo, Sata, USB, monitors, etc. etc., remove Fire-wire card (All working previously)

      b)Install New PSU (550 to 750W)

      c)Swap Memory sticks around (2x8)

      d)Swap old ssd back in

      e)Still nothing, no disk activity light, etc.

      f)The Power light comes on, and the Power Fault LED is ON and every so-often the Power Fault LED will go off for a short time (< 1 second), come back on and then off for 1-2 second, then back on.  Repeat.


      System is down and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Help and many thanks,