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    Low VGA res


      The HDMI output to the "Digital Monitor" is 1920x1080 resolution - no problem.  The VGA output to the "Monitor" will only allow a resolution of 1600x1200.  The monitors are the same.


      I just had a laptop and two monitors sent to me for my new job.  The laptop is an HP ProBook 450 G1.  It is running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.  The monitors are Dell ST2421Ls.  The Processor is an Intel Core i7-4702MQ and the graphics card is an Intel HD Graphics 4600.


      I have the monitors in Extended mode.  The "Digital Monitor" is display 1, and the VGA Monitor is display 2.  I came across another forum that discussed the "CustomModeApp".  I tried to make changes there (and the settings told me the changes had taken effect - but, in fact, nothing happened).  This allowed me to select 1920x1080 (where previously the highest resolution selection was 1600x1200) but there was no change on the monitor - not even after reboot.


      I am running the latest driver version from HP.  I tried to install the Intel driver, but it was "not validated for this computer".


      Help, Please.