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    comment on Intel_Jorge's announcement on XDK access


      minor comment on Intel_Jorge's announcement:


      ANNOUNCEMENT:IMPORTANT: Disable XDK Access for Edison Use in Non-Secure Environments


      by intel_jorge (September 9, 2014)


      Please be aware that by default Edison is configured to support the XDK download service over it’s Wi-Fi connection for ease of development.

      If you are going to use Edison on a shared Wi-Fi network, we recommend you either disable this service or modify it to only accept connections over USB.

      Operation of this service on an open or shared network will allow other users to download code to your Edison.


      To disable XDK support you can use the following command from a root shell on the Edison:

                systemctl disable xdk-daemon


      Please note that you must reboot the device in order for this to take effect.This command will immediately reboot the Edison when entered from a root shell:


                shutdown -r now


      No need to reboot. Just run

      systemctl disable xdk-daemon && systemctl stop xdk-daemon


      That should be it IMHO