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    Intel 4000 HD Graphics - always cut off on second screen


      I hope someone here can help.


      The issue: every single time I use the HDMI output of my laptop to connect to a second screen, a noticeable portion of screen gets cropped out (using Windows 8.1, and nearly the entire taskbar is cut off.  Clock in the lower right is completely gone.)


      This is not an external display issue - I travel for a living, and have had this problem on every single one of the literally dozens of different television sets that I've connected to.  I have tried multiple cables with same sets just in case, with no change in results.


      Some tech specs:
      -Toshiba Satellite L55-A5284 laptop running Windows 8.1

      -Intel HD Graphics 4000, driver (Dated October 28, 2013)

      -15" screen at 1366x768


      I've adjusted the second screen resolution to every option it offers, and it's always cropped.  I experiment with the aspect ratio of each set I connect to, and no matter what I choose, the image is always cut off. If there's any more information I can provide to help figure this out, please let me know.  Thanks!