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    RS2BL drivers and RST support?




      I have an RS2BL080 (e or d? spec... the one that supports encryption key management) which has an LSI SAS2108* RAID-on-Chip setup.


      Are TRIM and\or RST features which these cards already support (and I've just missed it)?

      OR will Intel update the drives and software for these cards\chips?





      I purchased a 730 series SSD a few weeks ago after seeing the marketing touting superior RAID-0 speeds, with the plan of getting a second in about month when I can' afford it.... unfortunately I didn't look close enough to realize my card wont support RST and I don't think it even has support for TRIM?


      I'm just trying to decide what my options are going forward.

      Ultimately I'd like to raid 2 (maybe 3 if I can afford it later) 730s with my current RAID card, get the speed, etc. and be done\happy with it!

      At this stage if TRIM will be supported, I will probably just swallow the premium cost and grab a second 730 - I would be ok with this.


      If not, then I have made a mistake getting the 730 because:

      A) I need a larger drive

      B) Could have chosen a cheaper drive without the premium the 730s have

      C) I can't afford a new RAID Controller of the same quality (it was around $900 originally including BBU)

      And I'd probably sell and go with something else, which would be a shame.