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    New E5-x6xx v3 series - Ark info incomplete?


      I was thrilled to see the new Xeon CPU series come out today, so I made a Comparison via Ark, as usual, to check what I need to get

      - Power that matches the enthusiast CPUs 5930/5960x

      - ...But has ECC support since I will be doing scientific computing part-time on my planned E5-16xx system,

      ARK | Compare Intel® Products


      So as expected the 1650v3 and 1660v3 is the right ones for me (for now).


      But looking under Instruction sets I see just AVX?


      Surely this is a mistake right?...The E5-x6xx series has both AVX2, SSE4.2 and AES onboard, correct?


      Even on the specific page, it also only mentions AVX,

      ARK | Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-1660 v3 (20M Cache, 3.00 GHz)


      I am asking cause I was told, we will be trying to take advantage of AVX 2.0, so it would be more than just nice-to-know.