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    Edison Breakout Board


      Do you want to use Edison without using the Arduino expansion board?

      If yes, check the Edison Breakout Board. This board exposes the 70 pin connector directly for your project.


      You can see user Dan building a display device using this board here.

      Also, here you can find the Hardware Guide for the Edison breakout board.

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          All of the getting start documentation is for the Arduino board.  Can we assume the Breakout board has Linux onboard already and connects through Putty in the same manner as the Arduino board?  If yes, then I guess something is wrong with the Breakout board that I have.

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            Yes, the Edison Modules that come bundled with the mini-breakout are loaded with the same linux image as the Edison modules that are bundled with the Arduino breakout.

            Yes, you can use the same connectivity methods as the Arduino breakout.


            Are you trying to connect over the serial terminal?  If so, you need to make sure you hook up both micro-usb connections to your computer.  One connection is usb-otg/power and the other one is the USB->UART serial connection.

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              Ok, I kept seeing that on the Ardunino pictures and never connected in my mind what you were doing.  Now I see.  And of course, it works.


              Thanks, now I go figure out some things by myself.

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                I'm trying to use the small breakout board to upgrade my project, the Familiar, with some perceptual capabilities.  The thing is, I want to add USB devices: audio I/O and a camera.   That means I have to use USB host mode.   Going through the hardware guide, it seems I have to connect an external 7-15V power supply (in my case, I plan to use a 9V battery) to enable this.   However, it's not clear what else I have to do.  In fact it's not clear where to connect an external 7-15V power supply.  There are two jumpers that are candidates but it's not clear which one I should use, and with what polarity.  


                Also, the Edison breakout board hardware guide does not describe the jumpers and how they should be set.   It seems from the schematic that the jumpers have something to do with selecting the power supply but it would be nice if it was spelled out, especially since it seems relevant to using USB host mode.


                As an aside, some clearer instructions on how to set up a LiIon battery as well would be useful (not useful in my particular case since I want to use USB host mode and need to use the higher voltage power supply input, but it might be useful to others).

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                  Should mention I already updated the image and configured wifi, etc.  I assumed that it would work the same way as the Arduino adapter, i.e. with two USB cables.  But I second BIOSDude that some instructions for people with the breakout board would be useful (it could be as simple as a footnote in the existing instructions).