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    Flash player issue with i3-4160 HD4400 Graphics


      Currently experiencing an issue with flash player on the I3-4160 with it's HD4400 Chipset, browsing for example to YouTube causes a playback issue that plays 1-2 seconds of video before looping and ultimately crashing the video player. Updated graphics driver to as well as updating flash and shockwave on the system, The web browser effected is IE 11.


      Steps already taken.


      Active X enabled and disabled. (Enabling this fixes the issue with the video but isn't an acceptable long term fix as programs used require this)

      Disable the "Shockwave Flash object" (Clears the issue but again this is required for flash based applications on the network, so isn't an acceptable long term fix)

      Updated Intel Drivers. Currently running but have also used, neither driver fixes the issue.

      Reinstalled Flash and Shockwave, No effect issue still present.

      Flash and shockwave settings changed trying each setting. Example, Shockwave player -always use hardware-open GL, Direct X 5 etc


      Video will play using HTML 5 player, but flash is required on the network.


      Any advise will be welcomed.