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    Intel i7-4790 overheating question


      Hi, few days ago I bought a system, with an Intel i7-4790 Haswell Refresh processor, and a MSI Z97 motherboard.


      When I run a CPU stress test on Linux, and BurnInTest Pro on Windows 7, the CPU temperature is reported to reach 100C.


      When I run Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool, it reports that everything is OK, with 17-20C lower than the maximum allowed.


      During the CPU stress test of Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool, a motherboard LED indicator with two decimal digits, reports 99C temperature.



      My question is, does the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool read the temperature directly from the CPU? Is it possible that Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool is wrong?



      I attach to this message, a video of the CPU stress test on Linux, screenshots of BurnInTest Pro on Windows 7, and a screenshot of Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool on Windows 7.


      Thank you a lot.

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          This type of issues are usually caused by the fan or heatsink integration. You may want to remove the heatsink and make sure it is integrated properly. The thermal interface material already spread to the provided heatsink should smear the processor’s top surface; however, you may clean it and apply new thermal compound if needed.


          When properly installed, the heatsink should not wiggle or shake if you attempt to move it; the pins should not come up if you try to pull them up. The fan should be connected to the motherboard’s CPU fan header. Please refer to the following links:


          You may also reset the BIOS in your motherboard as an incorrect setting or overclocking the CPU or memory may cause the processor to increase its temperature.

          If further assistance is needed please provide the following information:

          • Motherboard BIOS version:
          • CPU fan speed and CPU temperature:
            • From BIOS:
            • From the operating system during idle and high utilization:
          • Memory part /model number and specifications (speed, voltage):
          • Is the Intel provided fan/heatsink being used or is it from a third party brand? Please provide the model for the aftermarket product.
          • What's the room temperature?
          • What's the temperature within the chassis?
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            WOW! I got a Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H with a i7-4790K earlier this month for my birthday. I replaced my trusty AMD 1075 6 core which ran circles around this pile of crap. To bad I already passed it on! Anyway, I am running a water cooling system and getting 90 degrees celcius on boot-up right into the bios. THE CPU is seated correctly, I used the best thermal compound available at Micro Center, They even replaced the motherboard once for me in fear it was a temperature sensor. I tried a Stock Intel fan cooler, a upper class fan cooler, then opted for the water cooled system. It was tragic I did not stumble on this 40 page Intel blog until my purchase was complete. I cannot return the CPU. It appears after reading quite a lot of these pages and scanning a few of them Intel has a lot of the I7-4790K chips that are faulty. Now the question is are they going to do something about it? I need not copy and paste benchmark temperature marks of my CPU both at idle and under stress. This wastes time, I need a solution and NOW! So come on Intel ANNIE UP!