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    Static noise when connecting a Intel NUC D54250WYK




      My friend and I have for some time had issues with our D54250WYKs. I had the issue at the very start when I first received my NUC, and then it disappeared. It came back again last week after I brought the NUC to the cabin (where it worked flawlessly too, as it had been for six months in my house too). When I connected it to my home cinema system back home, the problem reappeared. My friend has had his problem all along since it was new.


      They are two exact same products. Though, we have different brands of receivers, tv, and different hdmi cables.


      Our problem appears as follows, when ever we plug the power connector into the NUC, and the HDMI in both ends, we get crackling static noise from the speakers. Most noticable for me on front, center and subwoofer speakers. I have power amps connected to my front and center speakers. It is most noticeable for me, probably because of the power amps. My friend just disconnects his subwoofer when he use the NUC and he isn't "that bothered" by it, but it is clearly there, just not that loud as with my NUC. I don't even have to power on the NUC to hear it, it is enough just to connect the HDMI and the power cord and then it starts humming and crackling on the speakers. When powered on, the noise level increases, and when playing music or a movie on the NUC, it gains even more in sound level. It seems like it is not related to the volume of the sound output nor the volume on the receiver. It's just there with the same sound level no matter if at -60db, -40db or at -15db on the receiver. On 10% volume in Winamp, or 100% volume in Winamp.


      I have tried to plug it directly into the tv, where I can't hear the static crackling noise from the tv speakers, however if the monitor hdmi cable from my receiver is connected to a hdmi on the tv, I will get the same static crackling noise on the sound system. I have tried different cables, different hdmi ports on the receiver, but it is all the same.


      My PS3, digital tv box, and several other computers work just fine through hdmi on the same receiver and hdmi port. Hell breaks loose whenver the NUC is connected to anything...


      I need help with this problem now, and would like some input from you guys if you have had any similar problems like this and what you did to get rid of it, if even possible.


      Receiver: Yamaha RX-A1030

      Power amps: NAD C272

      TV: LG 60PK250N

      Following computers / video cards works fine too with no static noise: Asus UX31A, AMD Radeon HD7950, AMD Radeon HD7850.


      Thanks a lot guys, appreciate any help.