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    ICH7 No Heatsink, DG41TY. Will warranty be void if add one.


      Hi All.


      This is my first post here at Intel Forums.

      I have been using Nvidia Chipset boards lately, For SLI.

      the last intel board I purchased was in 2000, Besides the DELL I bought about 4 years ago.


      I just purchased an Intel DG41TY from Newegg, It will be here Monday or Tuesday,

      After purchasing I looked over the specs some more, and realized there is no Heatsink on the Southbridge / ICH7 Host Controler.

      I plan on using this board for a Web / Communication Server / Game Server. as the Foxconn G31 Micro I purcased had 1 DOA & one died after a few days.

      So I purchased this one from Intel.


      Can anyone give some advice on cooling for the ICH7, on the DG41TY,

      Is it needed, If so, any advice....