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    Intel 4600 graphic drivers cause gamma issues



      i own an Asus n550jk, intel i7 4800hq with integrated intel4600 graphics and Nvidia gtx850m.

      I've noticed that my screen does not represents "blacks" and "whites" in the right manner.

      Whites are too bright and blacks too dark. It's like if the drivers doesn't handle gamma and colours properly, and my images results altered.


      To make a specific examples if i look closely at the "notepad" icon, the tiny lines of the icon are barely visible, and this is strange, cause on another computer (desktop, acer, 3 years old), the icon is showed in the right manner (sharp blue coloured lines). On several pictures, i can also notice that "greys" loose a lot of details because of this gamma issue.


      So i decided to format everything and make a clean installation, and, voilà, gamma is now working, but when i install the intel 4600 drivers (i need it!), everything turns wrong again.


      I am sure that the problem is related to the intel's drivers because i've also tried to install only the nvidia gtx's drivers, and everything was working good.

      I've also tried to use older intel's graphic drivers but without any result. The last test i made was to install both Intel's and Nvidia's drivers, and then uninstall the intel's drivers, and even in that case the gamma started to works again.


      I tried to tweak a bit with the graphic panel, but of course nothing happens. It's like if gamma is altered BEFORE the panel could actually affect it.


      I'm a digital artist, and this kind of problem is causing me serious throubles with gamma and colours, since all of my editing softwares (Photoshop, After Effect, 3D studio max etc etc) are affected by it.


      I've also contacted Asus, they only suggested me to update the bios (done), and remove a specific application (Asus Splendid), that was causing some brightness bugs, but problem still persists.


      What can i do?