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    oh boy. deleted raid config, created new array


      I just pulled a huge bonehead maneuver. We put new raid controllers (SRCSASPH16I) into some servers, as well attached fibre arrays. I absent mindlessly deleted the raid configs, (I did this on 2 servers) and created new ones, and set to initialize.. On server1 the box hung and is still not contactable via RDP, and server2 was fine. I deleted that second config. On server1 I'm pretty sure I had saved the configuration to a file (can't get there now to confirm) before I deleted the arrays.. Since these arrays are the same controllers, same drives, same config's, would I be SO LUCKY as to load the configuration from server1 on to both machines, and get my old data back? Does the initialize mean I'm completely f'd, or just mildly, or not at all if I reload the old config? Man. this is a huge mess up on my part. Thank you for any advice or help I can get.