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    Computer freezes (hangs) upon Intel SSD Toolbox v3.2.3 launch




      I have installed my new INTEL 530 SERIES SSDSC2BW240A401 240GB SSD 2.5'' SATA3 in my ASUS P6T Deluxe motherboard with Chipset Intel® X58 / ICH10R. Fresh Windows 8.1 is running on it fine and I also installed Intel SSD Toolbox v3.2.3 for diagnostics and whatever further optimisation this allows. The SSD is positioned in slot 1 of 4 SATA II motherboard slots and is holding alone the OS, no RAID configuration,


      My problem is that as soon as !Toolbox launches computer freezes instantly and becomes unresponsive. I can see the application (bleuish UI with no loaded numbers data) but there's nothing more I can do from there except hard reset. Also to specify I get no BSOD; the computer just freezes at that screen responding to no input.


      I have dug around and following this post. I have proceeded installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (was not installed so as to repair it) and the after looking around also Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (and 2010) Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update but saw no change. In case this is corellated I also have microsoft updates about Visual C++ also give me an error and fail, while others have worked ok.


      Any help to get this cool-looking Toolbox up and running?


      Thank you for your time!