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    Lenovo N581 Hdmi Connection doesn't work


      Hey Guys,


      I bought a Lenovo Ideapad N581 MBA4XGE which uses a intel pentium b960 processor with 2.20 GHZ and Intel HD Graphics. (I installed Windows 7 64 Bit Sp1)


      I tried to connect it with my Lg 42LE5300 Tv but it doesn't work. (with Win + P)


      The cable and Tv work fine with other computers.


      My Intel Graphics Driver is updated but unable to recognize my TV.


      VGA Connections to other Monitors work fine.


      I also rebooted and tried previous drivers.



      Please help me guys

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          Hello Chris17, I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with this system.


          I would recommend using only the Lenovo Intel HD Graphics driver for your N581. Lenovo makes many customizations to the graphics drivers.

          Bear in mind that the drivers we provided are generic; therefore sometimes these cannot be installed on OEM systems or the installation of them could overwrite Lenovo’s customizations and possibly change the functionality of the graphics.


          Regarding the TV issue you are having, I would suggest you to try to connect the computer to another monitor or TV.

          You can also try another HDMI cable.

          A firmware update could be another solution and also check if the TV is in the correct mode.