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    Any plans to improve Ethernet interplay with Arduino sketches?


      For me the big advantage of the Galileo is it's rock solid/wire speed 100Mbit ethernet part, on the one hand because that's handled by linux and on the other due to proper hardware choices.

      But testing it, I found several places that would scream for improvement.

      From lacking documentation about bringing up the interface (the need to call "ifconfig eth0 up" and "udhcpc" manually in arduino sketches) to bad blocking behavior when receiving packets:

      I observed 100% system load, when a sketch is waiting for new EthernetUDP packets!


      Any plains to improve this end of features? I could even dream about much more capable packet parsing within galileo's linux for several protocols (OSC, Avro/Protobuf, JSON... you name it) and then offer a nice interface to process the parsed data inside a sketch...

      This would truly showcase some of Galileo's increased capabilities IMHO.