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    DX58SO SATA aux power..also,overall power consuption


      I'm having a hard time finding any info on what the purpose of the SATA power connection on the board is for. I am waiting for some parts before completing the build but I want to make sure I have everything as right as I can. I get the PCIe plug, that it may or may not be necessary depending on the wattage of the video card(s) but the SATA drives don't draw power from the MB directly so I don't understand what this is for. Anyone have any thoughts?

      Also, is there a huge increase in power consuption over the core 2 duo and 965 chipset? Esentially I am replacing the MB, CPU and Ram. Would that necessitate a power supply upgrade as well?

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          I'm guessing for eSATA, Kinda like a USB Hard Drive. only SATA.

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            The answer is on page 54 of the product guide:

            The board is backward compatible with ATX12V power supplies.

            If you use one of these (older style) power supplies you must connect power to either the SATA header or the Molex header to properly power a PCI-x video card.


            If your power supply is the 'newer style' with a 2X4 pin power connector, you are all set.





            Connecting Power Supply Cables

            Figure 30 shows the location of the power connectors.


            Failure to use an appropriate power supply and/or not connecting the 12 V

            (Figure 30, A) power connector to the Desktop Board may result in damage to the

            board or the system may not function properly.

            The 2 x 12 pin main power connector (Figure 30, D) is backwards compatible with

            ATX12V power supplies with 2 x 10 connectors. Use of the 1 x 4 auxiliary PCI Express

            graphics power connector (Figure 30, C) or the SATA-style auxiliary power connector

            (Figure 30, B) is required with ATX12V power supplies when using PCI Express

            graphics cards that can consume up to 75 W.