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    Where to start for linux/python scripting and Galileo


      I am looking to make a standalone USB drive syncing tool using the intel Galileo board.

      The idea is that you plug in your backup drive in a specified USB port, then plug in the USB drive to be synced/backed up in a different port.

      I want there to be a button on the device that lights up green when both drives are mounted and ready to be synced. The user will then press the button and file transfer/sync will begin. There will be a different light that flashes or lights green upon completion of the transfer and successful unmounting.


      My question is where to start with this? I know minimal Bash scripting, and not really any python, other than the standard helloworld.py.


      Somehow I want to have a script recognize a drive is connected, based on which physical port it is in, and send a signal to light up a LED. The user button press will in turn send a signal to the linux program prompting it to start the syncing.



      Can anyone give me some guidance as to how to begin this project??


      Thank you

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          Hi jls32,


          Your project seems to be very interesting but I think you have to read a lot of documentation before start it, like in every other project, so I will recommend you some docs/sites to start.


          1. First, for start on Python I recommend you the official site where are documentation and forums to share your ideas and get suggestions: Python Official Site. The advantage is that you can find many other sites about Python easily because many users love programming on Python.


          2. About Bash scripting I will recommend you this document: Bash Guide for Beginners. It is a guide for beginners where you can find all the bases to start doing interesting things. Again, the advantage here is that you can find a lot of documentation about Bash because it is open source.


          3. Now, you have to read and research about the USB protocol and master/slave devices. It will help you to understand better how to do your project. Don't worry if you can't understand everything, you only need to have a basic idea on how the protocol works.


          4. Finally, in the Arduino Software IDE 1.5.3 there is a couple examples about USB so I recommend you to try them to start using the Galileo Board. If you don't have the IDE yet you can download it from here: Software Downloads. Also I encourage you to navigate in the community to find more information, there are users who did projects with USB devices so you might find something useful for you.


          I hope these suggestions be helpful for you to start the project. Have a nice day and remember to share your results with the community!




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