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    Unified drivers for RSTe on Win7 and Win8 for driver injection from WinPE 4\5


      I am using Windows Deployment Services to deploy Windows 7 images using WinPE4/5 onto workstation platforms form Dell and Lenovo. Driver injection works fine for almost everything with a universal driver set (Nvidia, Chipset, USB, etc...) but it does not for RSTe. The issue appears to be related to inf's for the drivers for iaStor[X] need iaStorF in Win7, but not in Win8, thus the infs for the Win8 drivers don't include a section to handle inclusion in Win7 and vice versa, therefore WDS cannot inject drivers from WinPE4/5 into a Win7 image.


      WinPE 3/3.1 can handle this, however, there is a drastic difference in the WDS funcitonality between WinPE4/5 and 3/3.1 that doubles image deployment time. WinPE4/5 simply does it faster, but it cannot inject the RSTe drivers into Win7 images.


      Any chance Intel will be unifying that driver set better?




      Mike Kehoe

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