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    intel i7 4500u supports virtual machines?




      I am willing to buy a laptop having intel i7 4500U processor. this processor son't have VT-d.


      Will I be able to run atleast one virtual machine using VMWare? Laptop model is LEnovo G5070

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          Hello Syed_Muneeb,


          Let me help you with this.


          Based on the processor specifications this processor supports Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x)  only. This product can help you with virtual machines if:

          1. The motherboard supports VT-d or VT-x
          2. If the software does not need both VT’s enabled.


          In the VMware case, even though I am not a specialist on this product, I can tell you that is necessary to have VT-d and VT-x support enabled to make it work so since the processor is missing VT-x you probably will get error messages when trying to set it up.


          Kevin M