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    How to get rid of extra graphics accelerator from right-click menu on desktop?


      Hi, I've got a rather odd issue going on at the moment. I have two different Intel Graphics accelerator menus in the right-click context menu on the desktop. I have never seen something like this before and was hoping that I could get rid of the one that did not come from the vendor. The laptop in question is a Samsung ATIV Book 8 running Windows 8.1. I will also attach a screenshot of the bug. Hoping that somebody might be able to help me with this. It's not really anything more than just annoying to look at. It seems that both of them go into the same program, so I don't get why there would be 2 of them. Thanks for any help that somebody could provide.


      The top 2 options are incorrect. Not sure why they are there. The correct one from Samsung is the 2 on the bottom.