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    dn2820fyk no video / usb seems unpowered


      I have just taken delivery of a dn2820fyk NUC. I have added Crucial CMS04GX3M1A1600C11 4Gbyte ram. The Crucial website says this is 1.35 v. I wanted to boot up and upgrade the BIOS

      so booted without any HDD. However, I cannot see any activity on either of two DVI monitors and I don't see any keyboard flash when I power on. I see various threads where this kind of thing has happened. I checked inside and my jumper appears to be on pins 1 & 2.


      When I remove the memory I do see the memory error power button flash pattern.


      I also tried to upgrade the bios by removing the jumper and using a USB flash memory device (FAT32 12Mb) containing FY0038.bio.

      I see no evidence of activity when powering up in this mode. Additionally my flash memory normally indicates it's working with a green pulsing LED.

      However when it is connected I see no evidence that the LED is active. It is as though the USB isn't on.


      The keyboard flashes when connected and I first connect the AC, but not after the power button is pressed.


      Any ideas of how to get this working are welcome.

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          I mistakenly said my memory is from Crucial. In fact it is from Corsair. I got it as part of a kit, but I will try and get the equivalent Crucial 4Gb part which is on the list of acceptable memory for this NUC.

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            Thanks for joining the NUC communities.


            Thanks for the information. Please post your findings as soon as you get compatible memory. It would be nice to know if USB ports are working on your computer.


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              I received Crucial CT51264BF160BJ 4Gb memory card and inserted into the device. This time when I power on I can get the keyboard to at lesat show activity ie the numlock key seems to work etc etc. Also if I plug in my flash memory stick I can see that it is powered. However, I cannot get any indication of activity on my monitor and pressing F2/F10 seems to have no effect. My monitor is DELL E228WFP which supports 1024 x 768; however, it has  a DVI cable which I normally use with a DVI-->HDMI adapter.


              As another test I did try removing the jumper and rebooting with my flash drive containing FY0038.bio inserted. The flash devices does light up to indicate power is on, but the power button does not flash to indicate any kind of flash update is taking place. Seems like the 'Next' in NUC should be is actually 'Non-working'.

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                After messing around trying different USB sticks I suddenly had some success. It seems the recovery boot process needs some kind of event to start it off. Started the NUC with the jumper removed and a fat32 usb stick containing FY0038.bio inserted. The power light did not flash. When I removed the stick I noticed that the power light started to flash. I inserted the stick again and the flashing continued for a couple of minutes then went steady. I powered off the NUC and connected a keyboard and my monitor using my KVM. The inserted a stick with sysrescue on it. Powered on and found that the monitor displayed a menu. Suddenly it's all working and I have the visual bios. The 'Next' in NUC is back.

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                  I'm glad it has been addressed. That sounds so much better.