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    D34010WYK - USB3 HDD disconnects when goes to sleep in W7




      I have an external hdd in an USB3 icy box enclosure (IB-368STU3-B) and every 15 minutes the usb disconnects. I assume it's when the disk goes to sleep.

      The only way I have to get the disk detected again is to unplug/plug the usb or the on/off button.

      I tried an usb2 cable and a different hdd, same issue.

      I uninstalled the intel usb 3 driver, same thing.

      Icy box send me a new controller card for the enclosure, still no change.

      So I assume the problem comes from the NUC.


      Technical infos :


      - Running W7 SP1 64bit

      - BIOS rev 027, all drivers updated.

      - Icy box sata bridge controller card : Genesys Logic gl3310 (Genesys Logic, Inc.)

      - all energy saving options disabled in windows


      My guess is a compatibility issue between the intel usb 3 controller and the genesys logic one.

      Any thoughts ?