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    Brand new 4930K problem




      I posted here initially regarding an i7 4930K which seemed to have a bad IMC - it did. I sent it away under warranty, and got a replacement which was quite a good chip! It managed to run 64GB of RAM at 2400MHz (XMP) no problem. the 64GB was also comprised of 2 32GB kits, and it still had no issues with it. it was also using a very low voltage, of just 1.15v under load in Prime95 Blend on a stock multiplier, with voltage set to auto in BIOS. The max temperature was 56°c - the CPU is liquid cooled


      I got up yesterday morning, and was at my computer for about 30 minutes before I saw a massive spark out of the corner of my eye. It seemed to come from my AX1200i PSU. My PC immediatly turned off - just died, and would not turn back on again. I checked all connections etc, and everything looked good. I can find nothing that could have caused this issue, so I'm guessing there might be an internal fault with the PSU (even though it still works, but I'm quite sure that's where the spark came from). I managed to iosolate what was stopping the PC from powering up - it turned out that this spark had killed one of my graphics cards, and once I removed this card, the PC started again.


      The problem is, that this episode has damaged a CPU that I have only had for 3 days... The CPU will not run Prime95 with any settings other than stock, and at stock settings, the CPU is now running at up to, and beyond 70°c! It is also using a lot more voltage. the Vcore requirement has gone up from using 1.15v to 1.248v+.

      Prior to this accident, I managed to get the CPU to run at 4.2GHz with 64GB of RAM in XMP (2400MHz), with a fixed manual voltage of 1.25v, hottest core was at 61°c - I did not need to change any other settings to achieve this, and could have probably used a lower voltage. It only ran like this for approximately 1 hour, and I did not go any higher than this, as I didn't get a chance to try before this happened.


      My CPU has obviously been damaged. I bought this CPU for overclocking, and it looked like it was going to be good for it, but now it won't run prime with a multiplier of even 40 - 100MHz over stock boost. I have multiple workers stop after anywhere from a few seconds, to a few minutes, and it doesn't matter what voltage I feed it. The temperatures are really worrying too. the highest I've seen it get to is 89° - again, on stock multiplier.



      All voltages, settings etc in BIOS are now back on Auto. system is exactly the same as it was before the accident. Everything still "works" (Boots, runs windows, games etc) but when running games, the system feels like it's going to crash any minute. I think my motherboard may also be damaged, but I know my CPU definitely is. What can I do about this? I don't want a $600+ CPU to become a paper weight, 3 days after I got it




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          Hello Mjhowe, I'm sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced on your system.


          Regretfully, our warranty terms do not cover damage caused by other system components to the processor or any other Intel component.


          I would recommend you to contact the power supply manufacturer for assistance on this matter.


          I am so sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.