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    DX58SO Sleep Problem!


      Okay I have a DX58SO and a Core i7 920 Processor. I am running 6GB of OCZ DDR3 1600 RAM, a BFG 1000Watt PSU and 2 BFG GeForce GTX275 OCs. I also have 1 Western Digital Raptor 300GB hard drive and an LG DVD/RW drive installed along with Windows Vista Ultimate 64Bit.


      I recently updated the BIOS to the newest revision and installed a USB card reader.. after doing all of these things the S3 power save state no longer powered off the fans. It acts like it is in S1. I have tried resetting the BIOS and placing it back into S3 mode, but it still will not power off the fans when placed into sleep either manually or automatically after the hour time period it is set. What could be causing this? I would really like the fans to turn off and the power consumption to drop as it should in this sleep state. If anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.