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    Intel 7260Ac with Asus N750JK slow wifi




      I have an Asus N750JK notebook and replaced the default wifi adapter (Qualcomm Atheros) with the Intel 7260AC+BT.

      This is done because i like to have the AC speed for wifi.

      My Router is the Asus RT-Ac68U (firmware: latest)

      I have installed the latest drivers for the card 17.1.0


      Now in practice:

      Because I noticed the slow wireless speed i did some testing:

      Both notebooks placed on the same spot, tests in succession.

      Speed test done with file transfert to Nas. Wired speed to nas is approx 100 mb/sec.



      Hp DV7

      Asus N750


      intel 5100

      Intel 7260ac

      Router Asus rt-ac68u (firmware:

      2.4 ghz

      Init connection speed

      300 mbps

      300 mbps

      1. Connection speed

      160 mbps

      240 mbps

      1. speed 20 mhz

      5 mb/sec

      6 mb/sec

      1. speed 40 mhz

      9 mb/sec

      14 mb/sec


      Init connection speed

      300 mbps

      867 mbps

      1. Connection speed

      120-150 mbps

      65-175 mbps

      1. speed 20 mhz

      4 mb/sec

      3 mb/sec

      1. speed 40 mhz

      9 mb/sec

      5 mb/sec

      1. speed 80 mhz


      8 mb/sec


      <10 ms

      40-90 ms


      We can clearly see the slow AC performance here.

      On 2.4g transfer speed is approx 14mb/sec on 5g max performance on 80Mhz is around 8Mb/sec.

      This is almost half the speed of the 2.4g speed.

      I've also changed some adapter settings, but no real difference.

      Do i have a faulty adapter or is it something else?