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    Workstation Intel W2600CR in chassis P4000CR wont show video signal


      Hi All,I have bought a new Intel workstation P4000CR which doesnt show anything on screen although the motherboard is active with all status LEDs are green (including the major extrnal one in front and back). the power supply (INTEL redundant power supply 750W) shows a green blinking LED which means it is active and all system fans are active plus CPU fans. it is equipped with two XEON E5-2600 series processors (2640 & 2690) + 4 DIMM's of DDR3 1600MHz RAM memory ECC. none of the DIMM slots error status LED's is on, which indicates no problem with the RAM DIMMS. there are two drives one SATA LG DVD burner + one SATA INTEL SSD. ive tried the onboard matrox 2D GC and an add-on PCI-E 2.0 GC with no success. could anyone pls offer some advice? i'm totaly clueless tried to swith different monitors and it didnt help.


      Here is the link to the mobo:

      ARK | Intel® Workstation Board W2600CR2