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    Will i7-5930K support 128GB RAM?


      Hello everyone,


      I will be building a workstation computer for scientific computations in the near future. I will need a lot of fast (DDR4) RAM for that purpose. The new X99 platform and i7-5930K processor seems to meet my demands very well. There is only one confusing issue.


      The specifications (ARK | Intel® Core™ i7-5930K Processor (15M Cache, up to 3.70 GHz)) states that max memory size is 64GB. Most X99 motherboard manufacturers claim that their boards will support 128GB of RAM. I know there are no 16GB DDR4 modules available at the moment, but many sources claim that those will be available in the future. I am planning on using 64GB RAM in the beginning and upgrading to 128GB as the 16GB modules become available.


      So my question is, will i7-5930K fully support 128GB RAM in the future? Is there some inherent restrictions in the processor architecture that it can't fully utilize more than 64GB RAM?


      I understand that Xeon processors support (over) 128GB RAM and some Xeons also will support X99 platform, but the i7 variants are overclockable (and Xeons are not). For my purposes, single threaded performance (higher Mhz) is more important than multi-threaded performance. Therefore i7-5930K seems to be the best choice, if it supports 128GB RAM.


      Thank you.