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    Turning off Bluetooth on the AC 7260


      I have a laptop with a AC 7260 chip and Windows 7.

      It has an airplane mode switch that turns off both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but they can not be enabled/disabled individually.

      I went to Network and Sharing Center -> Change Adapter Settings, and disabled the Bluetooth there.

      I also disabled both BT devices in Device Manager.

      Here are some screenshots of the settings.


      My question is, does this just disable the device in Windows, or is the Bluetooth really disabled (e.g. there is no power going to it)?


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          Muthu Kumar

          The above method is incorrect. You can turn off bluetooth by choosing "Turn off adapter" option by right clicking on BT icon on the sys tray.  The driver will be disabled and the BT device will be low power mode. The power can't be turned off.


          You do not see any "Turn off adapter" option?

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            Here's a screenshot of what the right click menu looks like right now. There used to be a turn off adapter option until half an hour ago, I don't know where it just went...


            Other than that, there was also a turn off adapter option when I clicked "Open Settings" in the above right click menu. This also has disappeared.

            It used to be where I drew the rectangle:


            When I tried to turn off bluetooth from the right click menu, nothing happened.


            When I tried to turn it off via the settings dialog, it gave an error saying something along the lines of "Can't save discoverability settings" and did not turn off the adapter. The option to turn it off just disappeared, so I can't get that exact error. I'll try rebooting my computer to see if it comes back.


            Also, the laptop manufacturer had an System Control Manager application that managed keyboard lighting, display brightness, ejecting the CD, and also had an option to turn off WiFi or bluetooth. I did not test it in the default Windows 8.1 installation, but after I downgraded to Win7, the SCM option to turn off bluetooth also does not work.

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              I tried enabling both devices in Device Manager and restarting the computer.

              The turn off adapter settings still hasn't come back, but there is a Join a Personal Area Network option now in the right click menu, so the BT was in fact enabled.


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                Actually, I had disabled some services in msconfig recently. I just re-enabled everything in msconfig and device manager and rebooted, now the turn off adapter option is there.

                When I click it in the right-click menu, nothing happens.

                When I check it in the settings dialog, the following error is displayed:


                This is the same error that was happening before. It just says that the discoverability settings were not saved, but the power off setting is also not saved - when I re-open the settings dialog the Turn off adapter box is unchecked again.

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                  Muthu Kumar

                  What is the build # you have installed? Please uninstall and re-install again. If you still get the error, will investigate.