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    Very poor wireless reception of NUC D54250WYK with AN6235


      Just bought a D54250WYK and a Advanced-N 6235 wireless adapter.


      I am aware that there are quite some complaints on the forum about 6235 card working with the NUC, that the network connection drops every once in a while. Upgrading to the latest BIOS seems will solve the problem.


      My problem here, however, is different. It's not that the connection drops, but it just cannot connect to the network when it's relatively weak.


      I know the signal is not very strong in my house -- the NUC is placed in my sleeping room but the router is in the living room, and there are two walls in between. I also have lots of interference from the neighbors. Anyway, my two laptops can still show full signal bars when using at the same place in the sleeping room, and all my two phones and one tablet also work fine without any connection drop although the signal bars are not full.


      The NUC, however, cannot even connect to the network most of the time. Even when it somehow connected, it's every unstable and drops the connection every a few minutes due to the weak signal, and the speed is always limited around 0.5 Mbps.


      I took the NUC to my office where the AP is just 2 meters away, and it seems work well, but even then the signal showed in the notification area fluctuated between 4-5 bars.


      Windows 8.1 64-bit is freshly installed with all latest updates, all drivers are the latest. I also confirmed the two antennas are firmly attached and color matched with the manual, and I also confirmed the antennas are well soldered and attached on the top panel of the case by taking out the motherboard.


      I can't believe this little box has even worse reception than a mobile phone...This is barely usable.


      Any ideas?


      Many thanks,