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    Clear Video specifications?


      Hi All,


      I'm targeting Intel HD Graphics devices with Clear Video-conformant H.264 encodes, but can't proceed any further without detailed Clear Video specifications. The reason is that according to preliminary testing, Clear Video does not support all available H.264 profile and level combinations, and within a particular level it might not even support all allowed combinations of resolution, maximum DPB etc.


      Therefore I need the official Intel specification to see exactly which H.264 configurations are supported and which not. Searching the Intel web site for over a day yielded nothing beyond this unimpressive gem: Intel® Clear Video HD Technology: Specifications.


      I'd be grateful for any pointers to detailed official Clear Video specifications that clearly identify supported H.264 configurations and/or additional constraints. At this point I'm focusing specifically on the HD3000 graphics controller, but any additional information will be more than welcome.


      Many thanks in advance,