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    Breaking a RAID span, yet maintain file integrity on a single drive.


      I'll admit that I may have goofed up and it is what is causing my issues, so bear with me.


      My system comprised of a 3 300GB drive RAID5 until one of the drives decided to fail. Since I was in the middle of crunch time, all I had to put in was a 500GB unit of the same family.  And now I'm getting timing errors every other day attached to freeze ups of the system. I think that the 500 is the cause of it since it being bigger of the two.


      What I want to do is break the span, pull the 500 out of it, and degrade the span to a RAID 1 (mirrored).


      What procedures do I need to follow if this is feasible?  If not, then I'll get a six of Red Bull and get crackin'.