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    Intel N2830 HD graphics card driver for windows 7 32 bit installation errors




      I have dell Inspiron, with Intel N2830 with Intel HD Graphics card. Originally the computer was with windows 8.1, since I didn't like it I changed it to Windows 7 32 bit. After installation I tried to install graphics card driver from Intel homepage - I tried several drivers, also some wich were meant for windows 7 64 bit, but no help. I got errors with all of them that the system does not meet the minimum requirements. After some of the drivers offered new installation with recommended setup, that gave the errror that this op system is not supported.


      Right now the system shows from device manager that the driver for graphics card is Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. Another problem connected to this probably is that the screensaver is not working - it says the screensaver can't run because it requires a newer video car or one that's compatible with Direct3D.


      Please help.