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    System Interrupts 99% on DE3815TYBE with Windows 8.1 and Fast Startup



      Here is my Config

      Intel NUC DE3815TYBE

      BIOS 0032

      Crucial 8GB RAM

      Samsung 840 SSD 120GB

      Windows 8.1 Pro 64bits, booting UEFI, updated

      July 2014 Driver Bundle for Windows 8.1 x64


      Every time I power up the Nuc, windows will show 99% cpu usage on system Interrupts, system will be very very slow.

      The problem also happens when I shutdown windows and power up it again.

      When I reboot the problems disappears.

      Cause of this strange behavior I suspected that Windows 8.1 fast startup (hybrid boot) was causing it so I disabled it.

      I guess there is a bug somewhere in the bios or in the intel drivers, cause fast startup works fine in many PCs I have installed with same version of Windows but not here.

      Please help me fix the problem before people will blame the CPU for the slowness of windows 8.1 on this nuc.