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    Galileo Gen 2 Power IC Damaged(Power on Galileo Gen2 by 5V external supply)


      OK, Here is the story.

      I grab a connector try to insert into my Gaileo Gen2, but i can't do it well, quicly i realize that i'm trying to inset my Dell inspire 7000 laptop connector(19.5V small head) into the Little board.

      I knew bad thing already happened.

      just gave it a try, I inserted the origianl power supply, of course it can not power on the board. Touch the IC it's crazy HOT...


      I try to identify the Part number of that IC, ok, its only have PTSI Mark on the IC package. DAMM!  and THERE'S NO SILKSCREEN ON PCB!!!

      And I didnot find the Allegro file from the website, Anyone have it?


      I then try to identify it by the schematic. and I believe this one is the one. TPS62130

      图像 002.png


      I then Check the datasheet and found its just a Step-Down Converter, and if you compare the Datasheet with the schematic, you can find the power supply is just same as the Datasheet Typical Applications, Even the Layout is same as the Datasheet sample. Function is to change the Power supply from 12V to 5V3A, So i believe the designer change the Power supply from GEN1 5v to GEN2 12V just want to supply more horse power make it more stable.

      图像 003.png

      图像 8.png图像 7.png



      There has Plenty online resource i can purchase this IC, but this is a QFN with Thermal PAD on it, so i can't remove it with my poor Solder Iron, and i dont want to by a heat gun, don't want to send back for repair course i don't know how long its gonna take.

      图像 6.png

      But the good thing is the 12V to 5V step down module is good isolated with the consumer IC, so I damaged the Power IC but no damage to the comsumer ICs, you can see from the schematic. after i realize this I just plan to use external 5V supply to fire it up. Lucky is i have 5V 2.5A power supply for my UMPC, so i just grab it and connect it to V5_ALW_ON net. for easy connection, there has one pin on the ICSP connetor i can use.


      图像 9.png


      Afte that, Haha, it hits the road again. Just a bad experience to connect a wrong power supply, DONT DO STUPID THING LIKE ME!

      And i suggest you do not do same thing to power the board becase theres no protection to V5_ALW_ON NET, you will easily damage all consumer ICs if you get a wrong connection. I still suggest you change that IC unless you really need to use that board immediately.

      图像 10.png

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          Hi Tommy,


          Thanks for the nice explanation. It's very unfortunate, but good to know that you was able to bypass the supply and get the board running again. You can probably sample the chip from Texas Instrument and if you are very careful, use a paint removing heat gun, or better, find a local hackerspace that has a proper hot air station for soldering. When using hot air, just be sure to protect the parts and board around the area you are working on, especially plastic parts that easily melt.


          I hope you get you board fixed!



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            Thanks Thomas, I will purchas the IC Quickly.

            I see there also has few resistors and caps around it, Will them be blowed away or damaged? any better idea to protect them?

            By the way, do you know where i can find the Allegor Brd file for Gen2?

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              Hi Tommy,


              The caps might have taken damage, but probably not the resisters. My guess is that it's just the IC.


              I also can't find the Allegro board files for Gen 2, they probably haven't gotten to that yet. Maybe maryc_intel or Intel_Raad can help there.


              For fixing a broken board, the board files would be a good help!