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    Intel Modular Server Battery Failure


      We are getting repeated battery warning messages from an Intel Modular Server MFSYS25 (see below).  We are looking for a replacement battery that we can afford (I'm told Intel no longer supports this platform.)  My question is, 1) What will happen if the battery fails or malfunctions before we can substitute a working battery? 2) What is a compatible substitute for this battery and/or or this SCM if it is no longer being made?


      Thank you.



      Event Id: 1953
        Policy Id: 3400
        Severity: Warning
        Type: Storage
        Component: Storage Controller 2
        User Name: System
        Description: The write policy of virtual drive {AliasName} has been
        changed from write-through to write-back
        Probable Cause: This event is caused by the battery being in a less than
        optimal state. For example, it is below threshold due to discharge during
        reconditioning, or the battery is malfunctioning.
        Corrective Action: Check the battery to see if it is malfunctioning. If
        so, replace the battery.
        Extra Data: