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    Clear instructions for building 1.0.2 ?




      I've spent a number of hours (and downloaded multiple gig's) of PDFs and source BSP files trying to pull together the supposed process to build 1.0.2 and am not really succeeding.


      There seems to be a lack of clear instructions, and indeed a single location for the files necessary to build a Linux kernel here.


      Is it really necessary to build EDKII & GRUB if you just need a new kernel which supports an extra driver module?


      Do you have to download 1.0.1 and then patch to step up to 1.0.2?





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          no, you don't need EDKII & Grub for a new kernel / module.

          I guess the easiest for you would be to either chroot into a Galileo image (e.g. mount the SD card from your Galileo on a host and chroot into there) - or to generate a virtual machine image and work on Galileo in a virtual machine. The image should obviously have devtools and kernel sources installed.

          Why going via 1.01? I'd assume you can work directly on 1.0.2

          My 2 cents