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    Bug in master.cfg in S2400SC firmware update


      Please confirm the following bug in latest "Intel® Server Board S2400SC Firmware Update Package for EFI" package.




      Intel® Server Board S2400SC Firmware Update Package for EFI

      version: 02.03.0003

      release date: 05/21/2014

      link: Intel® Download Center


      in FRUSDR 1.10 utility update package there is a bug that prevents manual setting of Power system unit type when auto detecting fails.


      in line 181 in MASTER.CFG

      FOUND "PS1_FRU" "PS1_NO_FRU" 

      should change to                   

      FOUND "PS1_FRU" "NO_PS1_FRU"


      and in line 246 in the same file

      FOUND "PS2_FRU" "PS2_NO_FRU"

      should change to

      FOUND "PS2_FRU" "NO_PS2_FRU"



      I also checked that this problem also affects at lease one  previous update package FRUSDR 1.09

      This problem affected my "Intel® Server System R2312SC2SHGR"


      thank you in advance