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    Portable USB Charger


      I was wondering if it is possible to power up Galileo (particularly Galileo Gen 2) using a portable USB charger. For instance, a portable charger rated as 5V, 1.5A and 5000mAh.


      If not, is there any other battery alternative around?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Hi EduardoRocha,


          The Intel® Galileo Board Gen 2 uses a 12V power supply but a power supply ranging from 7V to 15V can be used without problem. The portable charger you are suggesting will not work with Galileo Gen 2 because it's rated as 5V. You can check the following document to get more details about this topic: Intel® Galileo Boards Power Supply.


          About battery alternatives, you can use a portable charger but make sure it meets the Galileo Gen 2 requirements.


          Let us know if this help you. Have a nice day!