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    Hard Drives Help - Failure?


      Hello guys, I'm not sure where to post my problem, so the best place I thought of was the General Discussions.


      My internal hard drives were in an array and were set up with one as the main volume and the other a mirror. However, I was running out of space, and having deleted whatever I could, still faced storage problems. I fiddled around with Intel Rapid Storage Technology until I made the second drive into its own, or in other words, I guess turned off mirror mode? After that, I successfully set up a second RAID 0 (the first drive was RAID 0 as well). Everything was going well, and I could use the second drive after I formatted it. I didn't know if what I did was right, and with doubts in mind, I ran the verification check in IRST. I had to leave for a while, so I just left my computer running while IRST performed the verification. However, when I came back, it seemed as if the computer had rebooted due to an update, and the checks were stopped. Then IRST reported that port 1 had failed, which lead my second drive having the X instead of the check mark, and marking it as "failed." After reading a bit of troubleshooting in IRST, it seemed as if failing means that the drives would become corrupt and inaccessible, but I could still access both drives perfect fine, and move data in between them. However I was still having a mini panic attack, and decided to back up just in case, as my last backup was a few weeks ago. I marked the situation as normal, as troubleshooting had suggested, and did another verification check. After leaving the computer on overnight, the results were that neither of them had any verification problems, only blocks with media errors, but this only happened with the first drive.


      I'm a bit paranoid, and I would like to know if my drives are failing, and if so, can I do something about it? Or is it just a misreport by IRST?

      IRST version:


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          In order to make sure about the health status of the drives you will need to reset them to non-RAID disks and then run a diagnostic tool (usually provided by the drive manufacturer). This means that all data will be lost after resetting to non-RAID.

          If the drives pass the test, a possible cause could be corruption of the RAID structure.