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    Cannot keep existing data on a disk when creating Raid 1 volume with IRST ?


      Hello All, I am trying to build a RAID 1 volume using IRST. The single volume has already the Windows 8 OS loaded and it is the boot C drive. This ASUS system came with IRST 11.6. and P8H77-M Pro motherboard.

      When I try to build the RAID1 volume with the OS disk  and a new added disk, IRST GUI offers option to keep existing data on the new empty disk instead of the OS disk !!!

      Found a fix in IRST 11.7 which seemed to address this issue.

      Installed latest 13.1 IRST and now there is no option to keep any data on any disk ???





      The IRST support site has a document which stipulates that this can be done : 




      Is this possible to do with IRST ?


      Thanks !

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