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    I power my Galileo with regulated 5v from a battery via the VIN pin. Can I plug in the barrel jack in while the board is on and powered, without damaging the board?


      This is more of a basic electronics question, but today I began powering my Galileo via a 5v regulator powered in turn by a 7.6v 2s lithium polymer battery. I can charge the lipo while in use, but it's bad for a lipo to be kept at maximum charge all the time, and frankly dangerous to leave them either charging or under load unattended, let alone both.


      So I would like to be able to plug in the barrel jack AC adapter to power the board so I may disconnect the lipo when I don't want to use it. However, I would like to keep the board powered on while I make the switch.


      Is it possible to simply plug in the AC adapter to the barrel jack and then unplug the battery? Or would this overload the board with ~10v? (Or otherwise damage it?)


      Otherwise, could anyone recommend a solution which allows me to do this?


      It may be worth noting that my voltage regulator can take an input of up to I think 40V. So it may be possible for me to connect the AC adapter to it at the same contact points as my battery connector, so that when both are connected, the regulator would be receiving ~13v maximum (considering a fully charged lipo). However I don't know if the regulator's output voltage is a function of its input voltage. I would imagine that I would need to put diodes between the adapter->regulator and battery connector->regulator to avoid them interacting with each other when they're both plugged in, but again it's just not something I have a whole lot of experience with.


      If anyone could offer some insight, I would greatly appreciate it.




      PS: I should note, if it is not obvious, that my goal is high reliability/uptime for my Galileo if possible. It is running Linux, and I am accustomed to high uptimes on Linux, so that is a priority for me if it is within the reasonable capabilities of the board.



      My Voltage Regulator

      Photo of my Setup