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    Faulty memory slot - D54250WYK?


      I'm configuring a brand new Intel NUC D54250WYK with two Corsair 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz.

      However only 8 GB gets recognized. I've tried all possible configurations with the two memory modules and the two memory slots. Both memory cards work when they are put in the upper slot one at a time, but I can't get the system to recognize memory put into the lower slot.


      Whenever there is a memory module in the upper slot, regardless if the lower slot is occupied or not, the system boots correctly but only recognizes 8 GB.


      When i put a memory module in the lower slot and leave the upper one empty I do not get any flashing light or any indication that the memory is faulty but the display is all black and I don't seem to boot at all.


      Could this be a faulty memory slot on the NUC board? Should I request a replacement system from the store?


      Regards, Christer