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    Intel s1200v3 comparison


      Greetings Everyone, my first post here and probably many more in the future


      I'am in the process of building a computer for audio purpose only. I have been searching for days, probably a month but unable to find definite answers, I want to be 100% sure if I'am buying the correct compatible hardware.


      I believe some of you might be kind enough (if i may add, highly skilled experts with immense knowledge of computers) to help me out with this dilemma & queries which bog my mind.



      Mobo Intel S1200V3 motherboard

      Intel Haswell Xeon E3-1230L v3 CPU

      the ram would be 2x2GB Apacer ECC DDR3-1066 RAM, CL7, unbuffered, industrial series (extended temp range from -45 to +85


      'am confused about the MOBO, there are 4 versions in the intel s1200v3 family, RPL, RPO, RPM, RPS. Please note this will be a dedicated PC for playing audio only.

      I have been asked to choose the one with minimum features, which one would that be?


      thank you in advance and best regards,



      p.s. OS would be windows server 2012 r2.