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    USBhost documentation?


      i've seen a few posts around here about people trying out various examples, i can't find them. it would be nice to have something to go on...


      specifically, i want to get data from a usb, or preferably/eventually a bluetooth controller (i have seen many people doing this with the ps3 controller on arduino uno's, i would settle for my logitech on usb). seems like it should be simple enough, but i don't seem to be getting any hardware detection. i am using a gen2 board, firmware 1.0.2 and the matching linux image from here (Galileo Software Downloads) i can get into the device using telnet but when i plug in my controller (the logitech) it does not appear in lsusb. do i need to manually refresh the usb port? if so how? once it is identified there can i use something like USBJoystick (USBJoystick: Arduino USB Interface to USB joystick/game pad) or is the galileo going to require it's own software for that?