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    Are Intel Management Engine (IME) drivers just for AMT?


      Are the Intel Management Engine (IME or ME) drivers just for AMT (Active Management Technology)?

      If not what else do they do?


      After reading about AMT, it looks like it is designed mainly for businesses, and is part of vPro, I think vPro does not come with the intel i5 4670k CPU I'm using.


      I don't need business networking features, or any form of remote wake.


      What else do the Intel ME drivers on the motherboard DVD do, that might be of use to a home user?


      Are there any security risks in not installing these Intel Management Engine drivers?


      Many thanks for your assistance

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          Thanks for joining the Intel communities.

          I understand you have some questions about Intel(R) Management Engine Interface.


          This is an interface that uses the Intel ME hardware features to enable an interaction between high- and low-level hardware systems in a system.  This is one of the main components of the VPRO Remote Access technology by Intel.


          Administrators can now handle the tasks without intervention of the human beings. Some applications like remote access require connection between low and high levels of hardware in the board. This is why Management Engine Interface drivers are needed.


          It is well known that the Intel Management Engine Interface enables effectual communication between the Intel Management Engine firmware and the host operating system. The Driver installs the hardware required for proper functioning of interface.