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    D54250WYK power on problems




      I have two problems:

      1. When shutting down the device it goes off, but can start up by itself and it seems to be randomly (For instance you can shut it down in the evening and the next morning you find it powered up)
      2. When suspending the device it goes in sleep mode and the power button is slowly blinking blue. Usually you just push the power button and the device starts up, however now it has happened three times that nothing happens when pushing the power button. The power button still blinks slowly. I tried to power reset the NUC (unplugging the power) but then the power button is just dead and nothing happens when pressing it.



      Some history:

      Around three months ago I bought this NUC together with the following parts:

      2 x Corsair 1600 MHz SO-DIMM DDR3L 4GB 1,35v

      Intel 525 series 120GB SSD mSATA

      Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7260


      I upgraded BIOS (025 at that time) and installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. When BIOS 026 was released I installed that which fixed the problem with WiFi disconnections I experienced.


      Around a month ago I experienced problem no 2. Nothing happened when pressing the power button. I returned the NUC to where I bought it and they checked it and it ended up with that they exchanged it to a new device.


      When I got the new NUC the BIOS 027 had been released so I upgraded to that one. Not so long time after I got the new NUC, problem no 1 started and problem no 2 has happened two times.


      The problems:

      1. This happens more or less every time when shutting it down. I haven't found any pattern when it starts up automatically. It can start up after a few hours after shutting it down. Sometimes I find it started up the next morning. Sometimes I shut it down in the evening before going to bed, the next morning it is still off and when I come back from work its on.


      2. The second time the device stopped responding when pressing the power button, I started to search this forum and found some suggestion to recover from this state. Un-/re-plugging the CMOS battery helped. However when it happened yet another time (yesterday) that made me writing this hoping to get a permanent fix (or confirmation that the device is broken). It's pretty annoying to have to open the case and unscrew the main board to get to the battery every time the NUC locks up.



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          The automatic starting after shutdown has been a problem for over a year now. There are other threads that have talked about this for pages. Basically, the only solution is to disable the wake on LAN function in the bios. Unfortunately, if you need the wake on LAN function, you are out of luck. Since the issue was initially reported, Intel has released several BIOS updates, but none of them have fixed this problem. It is unique to the NUC, and quite frankly, an embarrassment to the BIOS engineers, in my opinion. I have tried everything myself including BIOS updates, and resorted to simply disabling the wake on LAN.


          as for your other problem, I have never heard of that issue, so don't have a solution. I don't use sleep/hibernate myself. You might want to simply disable sleeping and hibernating, since the NUC fortunately consumes very little power when idle, sometimes less than 10 W depending on the setup. The funny thing is that all of these issues disappear if you simply leave the NUC on all the time without any sleeping, hibernating, or shut down. Not exactly a great solution, I know.

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            Hi oneleaf,


            Thanks for your reply. I have been searching around this community and I have found some threads about people having problems with the device rebooting after shutdown. But reading them I got the impression that the device reboots more or less immediately after shutdown, and not that it starts up randomly. Maybe I was misunderstanding this. Also, I have the wake on LAN disabled already and yet I have this issue.


            Yes, it consumes little power and you could leave it on all the time, but in my opinion this device is as any usual computer in that sense that it should have a basic feature like sleep mode working.


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              Hmm, yea, you are correct that the restarting should occur within seconds of shutdown, in regards to the common issue that people have. Your case is definitely unique. Also, as far as I could tell, disabling the wake on LAN has solved the problem, despite it not exactly being a good solution.


              Looks like you have been updating to the latest BIOS. I have as well in order to address this issue and quite frankly, customers should not be flashing their BIOS over and over, Blindly flashing BIOSes and crossing our fingers is not something Intel should expect customers to do since it is generally frowned upon to take BIOS updates so lightly. So at this point, I would not even recommending hoping for further patches. Before owning this NUC, I have only ever updated a BIOS twice in my 20+ years of owning several computers. And both times, the manufacturer definitively suggested it would solve a certain issue. I really like Intel products, and I still think the hardware is excellent, but I really hope they replace their BIOS team before the next generation.


              I also agree with you that leaving it on and disabling sleep and hibernate is an unacceptable solution. Every other motherboard manufacturer seems to be able to solve this basic issue, and we should not abandon basic features in order to use their product.


              I really think you have a defective unit. Your issues seem to be unique enough to suggest there is something wrong with it. Time to escalate this through Intel's customer service, imo.

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                Hi Linuxistas,


                This is one of at least fourteen threads in this forum which address Intel's 'Linux Suspend > Dead NUC' intermittent defect, dating back to August 2014 (this very thread).


                The good news is that a workaround exists which means you can at least avoid getting your NUC bricked by this defect, and it involves using methods other than a short press on the Power button to wake a sleeping NUC – ie: wake-on-USB and/or wake-on-LAN.


                For full details, see the 'Workaround Alert' above the my OP in the 'NUC5i5RYH Bricked by Ubuntu Suspend for Fifth Time' thread » https://communities.intel.com/message/359708#359708

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                  Dalinian Great information.



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                    Sorry but I should have updated this post long time ago. Don't have any excuse for it except for being busy/lazy to do it.


                    1. First problem has already been identified. Whatever I have been stating before about this problem, the reason for it to power on is because of another remote control I use for the digital TV-box, set top box, or whatever you call it. There are a couple of buttons on this remote that trigger the NUC to power on. One of these buttons is for instance the TV guide button. I don't know how this works. Is there a way you can set what IR code should trigger the power on via cir?


                    2. Thank Dalinian for your post. I haven't red everything yet, however another workaround is the cir power on. When in sleep mode and the power button does nothing, I use the TV box remote to wake it up.



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                      guys, intel has released BIOS update for both 4th and 5th gen NUC, let's test it to see if it really fix it!