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    Playing 4k 3840x2160 HEVC/H.265 video clips smoothly with Intel HD4600 graphic possible?


      Is there any way of playing 4k 3840x2160 HEVC video clips with the Intel HD4600 graphic smoothly without ANY judder?


      I have a pretty fast PC... ASUS SABERTOOTH Z87 Intel Core i7-4790K (iGPU HD4600 graphic) and the Dell 4k UP3214Q monitor


      PowerDVD 14 and the MPC-HC player with Strongene Lentoid HEVC Decoder can play it but not without some judder (CPU usage is about 60-80%)

      Is it possible to optimize the Intel HD4600 graphic to be able to play HEVC/H.265 video completely smoothly, or do I need to buy a better video card???

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